2014 Conference

2014-11-16 16.06.27

Over 200 delegates came together at London’s Guildhall on 17th November for the 4th LJWG conference. Experts from across the UK discussed strategies to address the impact of the hepatitis C virus, and practical steps to make the most of the opportunity to eliminate it as a major public health issue.


Helen Harris LJWG Nov 2014
Dee Cunniffe LJWG 2014
Sharon Hutchinson LJWG 2014
Mike Burns LJWG 2014
Magdalena Harris LJWG 2014
Claire Munro LJWG 2014
Danny Morris LJWG 2014
Eamonn O’Moore LJWG 2014
David Badcock LJWG 2014
Matt Hickman LJWG 2014
Ashley Brown LJWG 2014
Christine Kelly LJWG 2014
Emma Burke LJWG 2014
Policy Workshop LJWG 2014
New treatments workshop LJWG 2014
Link to Coact Peer Needle Exchange Project, as outlined by workshop leader, Mat Southwell