Commissioning Tools

HCV Action. Hepatitis C adult services commissioning toolkit (2012) [pdf] The aim of the hepatitis C commissioning toolkit is to support commissioners of hepatitis C services to commission for the high level outcomes set out in the new NHS and Public Health Outcomes Frameworks

NHS Commissioning Board. Commissioning Fact Sheet for Commissioning Groups (2012) [pdf] This fact sheet sets out the services to be commissioned by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) from April 2013

Public Health Observatories: Health profiles
Health Profiles provide summary health information to support local authority members, officers and community partners to lead for health improvement

Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy
The Greater Manchester Hepatitis C Strategy Group was set up in 2005 to develop a collaborative and coordinated approach to improving hepatitis C services across Greater Manchester. The area has among the highest prevalence of hepatitis C infections in England. The strategy is focused around several key areas: surveillance, prevention, testing, treatment, services for prisoners, communication, research and workforce development.

Access to local data including estimated prevalence, genotype split and hepatitis C HES data (this can be requested via the LJWG and is provided by Roche Products Ltd. Contact us for more information.)