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LJWG response to NHS England abandoning Liver Strategy

LJWG response to NHS England abandoning Liver Strategy Public Health Minister Jane Ellison has announced that NHS England has abandoned plans to publish a National Liver Disease Outcomes Strategy.1 The London Joint Working Group on Substance Misuse and Hepatitis C (LJWG) believes that by failing to keep its promise to publish a Liver Strategy, the government has failed the...


Mayor of London Backs Call to Action in the ‘Capital of Hepatitis C’

The Mayor of London, City of London and The Hepatitis C Trust have issued a call to action to London’s councillors to address the growing problem of hepatitis C in the capital. The ‘Reducing health inequalities in London by addressing hepatitis C’ briefing encourages local authorities to promote testing, expand training and monitor improvements. The...


NHS could save £200 million by treating hepatitis C in London

A public health report shows that treating just 10% of people with hepatitis C could save £200 million in London alone.  The Public Health Report on Commissioning of Hepatitis C Services in London for People who Inject Drugs reports that currently less than 4 % of people with the hepatitis C virus in England are...